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Minion Themed Party Candies & Popcorn


The Minion craze is in full swing right now and kids just love it!  We carry a wide array of candies and popcorn that can be used for party decor, treats and favor boxes.

You can choose from all of the candies and popcorn that are blue by clicking this link:  Blue Candy & Popcorn

In yellow, we also have a big variety of fun candies and sweets (of course there are banana flavored items!:  Yellow Candy & Popcorn  

You can accent the yellow and blue candies with a variety of white or silver candies & sweets:  White Candies & White Popcorn

  We can custom make favors for your party or event like these adorable Minion Mixes we created to look like little minions, complete with the sprigs of black hair.

These are a cute, inexpensive gift or party favor perfect for any age!

Contact us directly at 972-850-9098 or email us at for more information on how we can help Minionize your party!


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