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May 2015 Root Beer Tasting Results

We had a huge crowd for our May Root Beer tasting last night.  Over 20 people attended and enjoyed all six of the root beers that we offered for tasting.  Everyone enjoyed the root beers, the popcorn and the cheesy jokes, told by our own Sid, Master of Flavors.

We tasted the following root beers:







Overwhelmingly, Hanks Root Beer and Sprecher Root Beer were the favorites for the evening.  Dads had one fan and Faygo had a few more.  Everyone seemed to love the creamy strong vanilla flavors that Hanks is known for.  This particular crowd was not a fan of the stronger wintergreen flavors in Dad's Root Beer.

Our next tasting is being scheduled for June and we hope to add six new root beers to the mix!

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