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School / Team / Group Fundraising in Dallas - Nikki's Popcorn Fundraisers

Nikki's makes fundraising easy! 

Great for schools, sports or dance teams, churches, non-profit groups, etc.  

Your supporters will get gourmet flavored popcorn that is fresh and handmade at our store using the highest quality ingredients available.  We have a large variety of flavors that will meet anyone's taste.  You can offer our gourmet flavored popcorn at an affordable price and still make high profits for your organization!


Choosing a fundraiser with Nikki's Popcorn Company is a tasty way to earn money for your group!

  • No minimum order
  • Up to 50% profit for each bag you sell
  • No money up-front
  • Choose from a wide variety of gourmet popcorn flavors
  • We pop your order fresh, and package it specifically for your group
  • Fundraising materials and kit provided

How Pre-Order Sales work

  1. Set your end price for your customers.  As an example, if your group sells our Cheese bags (4 cups per bag), your cost is $2.25 per bag.  If you sell these bags at $5.00/ea, you make 55% profit on each bag!   If your group is trying to raise $250, you will need to sell 91 bags to meet your goal.
  2. Pre-orders will be taken by your group. We will provide the forms you'll need with your team/group information already pre-printed on them.
  3. After your selling period is over, total your orders and place a single order to Nikki's Popcorn Company.
  4. You will receive your popcorn within 7-10 days and you can then distribute the popcorn

*Please contact us for updated pricing prior to initiating your fundraiser prorgram as prices have changed.

*Fundraising during the months of November and December must be pre-approved.  Due to holiday volumes order completion may be delayed.

Fundraiser Flavors & Information

Fundraiser Order Form




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