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Texas Barbeque 101 Book

Texas Barbeque 101 Book - Texas Gifts at Nikki's Popcorn Company - Dallas, TX

$ 7.50

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Texas Barbecue 101
This new cookbook by barbecue expert John Lopez supplies all the knowhow to create real smoked brisket, ribs, turkey, ham and quail, Texas style. And it makes a perfect gift or stocking stuffer for BBQ afficionados. Rarely has so much culinary wisdom been imparted at such low a price. And all bases are covered, from the types of barbecue smokers to a host of recipes, including all the basic smoked fare for which Texas is famous. Then there’s the importance of spice rubs, not to mention the proper use of brining, sauces and mops. Topping it all off is a slew of great side dishes and desserts.

"A mini-book of 'cue how-tos from a hard-core pit smoker who hews to the Texas tradition of 'meat cooked with coals, embers and/or wood.' " - Fort Worth Star-Telegram.
4.25" x 5.5" Paperback.

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