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Sour Power Watermelon Belts

Sour Power Watermelon Belts Bulk Candy - Nikkis Popcorn - Dallas, TX

$ 4.49

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Dorval® Sour Power® Watermelon Belts are the perfect marriage of intense watermelon flavor and chewy texture. No wonder they're a bestseller. Watermelon flavor red belts are coated in super sour sugar crystals for that unmistakable Sour Power punch. Get ready for a burst of flavor in every bite! Dorval® Sour Power® Watermelon Belts are a fan favorite, thanks to their incredible combination of bold watermelon taste and satisfyingly chewy texture. And with a powerful punch of sour sugar crystals, it's a truly unbeatable treat.

Approximately 25 pieces per 1/2 lb



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