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Chocolate Boulders 1 lb Bulk

Milk Chocolate Rocks -Chocolate Boulders- Chocolate Rocks - Nikki's Popcorn Company - Dallas, TX

$ 16.99

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 Bronze Gold & Silver Chocolate Boulders

Milk chocolate bits covered in a colorful candy shell mimicking the look of real stones. A great cake or cupcake topping or just good to eat by themselves! Approximately 6-7 pieces per pound. Please be aware that despite their 'rock-like' appearance, these boulders are fragile and could arrive with some chips, knicks, etc. 1 lb of chocolate rocks. - Indulge in a truly unique treat - these chocolate boulders offer all the flavors of classic milk chocolate, encased in a colorful candy shell that mimics the look of real stones. They're great as a cake or cupcake topping, or you can just snack on them by themselves as an anytime treat (a healthier alternative to eating actual rocks!). Please note that our chocolate boulders may arrive with a few dings and chips, but these imperfections just add to their natural charm. With approximately 6-7 pieces per pound, you'll have plenty to enjoy or share with friends and family. Get ready to rock your taste buds with our 1 lb bag of chocolate boulders!


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