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  • 100 Guest Popcorn Buffet - Nikki's Popcorn Company Dallas, TX
100 Guest Popcorn Buffet - Free Shipping

100 Guest Popcorn Buffet - Free Shipping

$ 180.00


Your buffet includes the following:

  • 20 gallons of popcorn
  • 5 Flavors of Gourmet Popcorn
  • 5 Scoops
  • 5 Popcorn Flavor Labels
  • Popcorn Bags

*Savory and Traditional flavors will last 7-10 days after receipt. Candied, Caramel and Chocolate flavors will still be fresh for 30-45 days after receipt.  

Shipping times will vary from 2-5 days depending on your distance from our location (Dallas, TX).  Orders can be placed in advance and we will hold them until closer to your event date.  Please use the "Notes" box on the cart screen to let us know the day of your event.  We will make the product and ship as close to your event date as possible to ensure the your product arrives fresh!

Full service popcorn buffets & candy bars are available!  Contact us at

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