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Valentine's Day for Men

We all know the expectation of giving that special lady in your life flowers on Valentine's Day.  What about that special man?  There are some men who can appreciate the beauty of a beautifully arranged flower bouquet, but I think that there are many more who would prefer something different.

The old fashioned statement "the quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach" is a perfect saying when it comes to Valentine's Day.  Why not fill his stomach with some gourmet popcorn?

Big fluffy popcorn kernels covered in chocolate, cheesy deliciousness or even crispy caramel, which one suits the man in your life? From a simple attractive bag of our popcorn to a cute gift basket or even a gourmet popcorn tin that they can refill throughout the year, we have something that will make your special someone's heart (and belly) swoon!

Mens Valentine Popcorn Gift

Is he a sports fan?  Choose from one of our Sports Tins, filled with delicious caramel, cheddar and buttery popcorn!  These tins start at $37.99 and are filled with our amazing gourmet popcorn!


Refillable Popcorn Tin - Mens Valentine Gift

A great gift idea is a refillable gourmet popcorn tin.  The example above is our 2 Gallon Gift Tin and it starts at just $19.99.  All of our tins can be refilled at any time with any flavor for 1/2 the price!


Another alternative is a custom popcorn gift box.  These can be customized in-store to include candy, soda pop and popcorn.  Choose from any one of our fun Valentine's Day themed gift boxes or select a sports theme or camouflage design to suit that special man.  Our large gift boxes start at $24.99 and include a small bag of butter, caramel & cheddar cheese popcorn.


No matter who your special someone is, we are certain to have something that will make their heart and their belly smile this Valentine's Day.


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