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Party Buffet DIY Tips & Tricks - Nikki's Popcorn Company

We provide a lot of popcorn and candy for baby shower buffets, wedding buffets and birthday buffets.  Here are some tips and tricks that we have learned:


Economics - How can I make my buffet look full and stay within my budget?

More Size / Less Weight

  • Pick items that are big and take up a lot of volume and weigh less.  For example, salt water taffy is an often overlooked candy to use in candy buffets.  If you are going for big pops of color and have some large jars to fill, taffy gets you a lot of bang for the buck.  It doesn't weigh very much, it comes in a large variety of colors and it takes up a lot of space.  I recommend using big apothecary jars on either end of the table, or in the middle, filled with your theme colors.  This will give your table some height and that big pop of color to match your theme.
  • Depending on your color scheme, Giant Pixy Stix (blue, purple, orange & pink) are nice and tall and can also provide height and interest to the table.
  • To economize further, put something inside the candy to fill some of the void space (a jar with the lid on it or even a glass with plastic wrap over the top).  This only works if the jars you are filling are more for decoration than to eat out of.
  • Popcorn - We always recommend using colored popcorn to fill large containers as well - it is another cost effective option to use when filling space with complimentary colors.

Creating Interest Visually

  • Use taller containers in the back of the table and smaller up front.  If you have multiple smaller containers, group them in threes for nice, visual balance and interest.
  • Use boxes under your tablecloth to create height while not disrupting your "look".  If you don't have big tall containers, put your smaller containers on these risers to achieve the same overall look.

Economical Containers

  • Our first suggestion is always to try the dollar store first.  They have tons of smaller glass jars, glasses and bowls starting at $1/ea.  If you need color, they also have a variety of plastic tubs/bowls that can be used as well, usually in bright colors.
  • Goodwill/Second Hand Stores - These stores can be a gold mine for larger glass vases and interesting pieces.  What ends up to all of those flower vases after Valentine's Day and Mother's Day?  Big glass jars, etc. get used for candy buffets all the time and then have no further use and usually can be had for a steal!  There are usually a treasure trove of baskets as well.  Baskets can be filled with a plastic liner and create an interesting serving vessel for popcorn and other bulky items.

Serving Sizes

  • When someone approaches us about a buffet, one of the first things we ask is "have you got your serving bags yet?"  We always recommend getting bags on the small side.  The larger the serving container, the more people will take from the table so don't overdo it.  You want everyone to be able to enjoy the buffet so try and find a happy medium, keeping in mind that 1/4-1/2 lb of candy doesn't take that much space.  Candies, especially chocolates are very dense and don't take up a lot of space.

We hope you find these tips helpful.  Now go pick out your candy!


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