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Glass Bottled Sodas - Nikki's Popcorn - Dallas, TX


Nikki's Popcorn offers a wide selection of glass bottled root beers, sarsaparillas and other flavored glass bottled sodas.  

Most of our sodas are made with pure, real cane sugar, just like you remember!


Root Beers Assorted Flavors
Pop Shoppe Root Beer Ale 8 One Ginger Ale
Goose Island Root Beer Big Red Cream 
Faygo Root Beer Blenheims Extra Spicy Ginger Ale
Old Dominion Root Beer Boylans Orange
Masons Root Beer Boylans Shirley Temple
Kutztown Root Beer Bundaberg Ginger Beer
Triple XXX Root Beer Cheerwine
Jones Root Beer Cock N Bull Ginger Beer
Triple AAA Root Beer Crafty Caramel Cream
Oogave Root Beer Cricket White Peach Green Tea
Foxon Park Root Beer Dr Pepper Glass Bottle
Frostop Root Beer Faygo Rock N Rye 
Frostie Root Beer Faygo Vanilla Cream
Capone Family Root Beer Filberts Banana Soda
Red Arrow Root Beer Firemans Brew Cream Soda
IBC Root Beer Foxon Park Iron Bru
Boylan Root Beer Frostie Blue Cream
Dang! Root Beer Frostie Cherry Limeade
Fitz's Root Beer Frostie Green Apple
Captain Eli Root Beer Fukola Cola
Berghoff Root Beer Gamer Citrus Soda
Americana Root Beer Hanks Black Cherry
Texas Root Beer Hanks Cream Soda
Virgils Root Beer Harry Potter Butter Beer
Hanks Root Beer Jack Black Blue Cream
Barq's Root Beer Jackson Hole Huckleberry 
Big Bens Root Beer Jeff's Egg Cream Soda
Bawls Root Beer Jolt Cola
Anchor Ginger Root Beer Jolt Red Eye
Abita Root Beer Kickapoo Joy Juice
Route 66 Root Beer Langers Chocolate Soda
Waialua Root Beer Manhattan Special Espresso
Judge Wapner Root Beer
Sparky's Root Beer Mexi Coca Cola Light
Sprecher Root Beer Mexi Coke
Thomas Kemper Root Beer Moxie
Saranac Root Beer Orange Crush
Tower Root Beer Reeds Spicy Ginger Ale
Hippo Sized Root Beer Route 66 Black Cherry
A&W Root Beer Route 66 Cream Soda
Rat Bastard Root Beer Ski Citrus
River City Root Beer Ski Infared
Henry Weinhards Root Beer Sprecher Cream Soda
Virgils Bavarian Nutmeg Root Beer Sprecher Ginger Ale
Bulldog Root Beer Squamscot Maple Cream
Filberts Root Beer Stewarts Cherries & Cream
Polar Root Beer Strawberry Crush
Chownings Tavern Root Beer Sunkist Orange
Hosmer Root Beer Taylors Tonics Chai Cola
Sea Dog Root Beer Ting Grapefruit Soda
Sioux City Root Beer Vernors Ginger Ale
Caruso Root Beer Virgils Dr Better
Dad's Root Beer Zuberfizz Coco Fizz
Daschund Root Beer Zuberfizz Key Lime Cream
Zuberfizz Root Beer
Frostie Vanilla Root Beer Novelty Sodas
Cicero Salted Caramel Root Beer Lester's Fixins Bacon Soda
Old Rhode Island Molasses Root Beer Lester's Fixins Buffalo Wing Soda
Dang! Butterscotch Root Beer Lester's Fixins Ranch Dressing Soda
Brownie Caramel Root Beer Lester's Fixins PB&J Soda
Sprecher Low Cal Root Beer Beefdrinkers Teriyaki Beef Jerky Soda
Chocolate Covered Maple Bacon Soda
Birch Beers So Duh! Cinnamon Soda
Lurch Birch Leninade
AJ Stephans Birch Beer Blue Brainwash
Sarsaparilla Jack Black Orange Stache
Maine Root Sarsaparilla Jack Black Blood Red Cola
Earps Sarsaparilla Looks Like Orange Tastes Like Grape
Empire Sarsaparilla Black Lemonade
Sioux City Sarsaparilla Totally Gross Zombie Brain Juice
Totally Gross Dog Drool
Totally Gross Swamp Juice
Not See Cola

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