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Baby Shower & Gender Reveal Popcorn & Candy Buffet Decor

Baby Showers & Gender Reveals are the perfect occasion for popcorn & candy tables!

From party favors, table decorations to a full out candy/popcorn buffet, Nikki's Popcorn has everything you need for your party!

Pink & Blue Things

Our baby blue coconut popcorn is the perfect shade of light blue for your party.  Whether its paired with our light pink cotton candy popcorn or as a stand alone color, it is sure to lighten up your table decor.   

In addition to our favorite, popcorn, on your table we have tons of other items in store that will help fill up your candy or popcorn buffet table.


Pink Shimmer Sixlets

Pink Rock Candy Sticks

Pink Shimmer Bubble Gumballs

Pink Grapefruit Candy Sours

Pink Bubble Gum Jelly Belly

Pink Cotton Candy Jelly Belly

Pink Bubble Gum Salt Water Taffy

Pink Cherry Salt Water Taffy



Blue Shimmer Sixlets

Blue Rock Candy Sticks (Blue Raspberry)

Light Blue Rock Candy Sticks (Cotton Candy)

Blue Gummi Bears

Blue Shimmer Bubble Gumballs

Blue Berry Blue Jelly Belly

Blue Blueberry Jelly Belly

Sour Power Blueberry Belts

Blue Raspberry Sour Gummy Bottles

Light Blue Cotton Candy


When building a table I always suggest to customers to choose bulky items like taffy and popcorn to fill the table.  We sell our bulk candy by the pound and both of these items are much more cost effective than something like Sixlets or M&M candies.  Sixlets & M&M's are super dense and heavy, so they take up a smaller amount of space based on their weight.  Its wiser to choose smaller containers for these items as they are pretty and do dress up the table, but will end up costing you much more money.

As an alternative, using popcorn or salt water taffy, your dollar will get you much further.  Taffy, especially, is super light and takes up a ton of space.  Using colored taffy in taller apothecary style jars on either side of the party table will have a great visual impact and create balance on the table visually.  

If you are struggling to determine how much candy or popcorn you might need, just bring your containers in and we can work with you to determine the best items to fill them with and help curate your party table or buffet.

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