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DIY Popcorn Buffet Dallas

Nikkis Staff

Posted on May 30 2018

Have an upcoming meeting, event or special occasion that you need snacks for?  A popcorn buffet is the perfect add-on to your party!  Nikki's Popcorn has everything you need to have the perfect popcorn treat!

How much popcorn do I need?

Start by determining how many people you think will attend and whether or not there will be other food available.  An average serving of popcorn is 3 cups so you can adjust that number down if there are other treats available.

For example, if you are expecting 30 people, and you will have other desserts or treats available I would estimate your needs at 2 cups per person.  

2 cups x 50 people is 100 total cups of popcorn.

If you want three different flavors that would be around 33 cups of popcorn per flavor.  Our bag sizes in this range are either a Medium Bag (26 cups) or a Large Bag (42 cups).  If you want to be conservative, three Medium sized bags should work, if you want to be sure you don't run out, choose the Large sized bag.

How are you going to serve the popcorn?

Our popcorn comes in large bulk bags.  For a minimal amount of effort, they can be propped up, opened (just roll the edges down to make scooping easier) and you can scoop right out of them.

An inexpensive option is to run to a local dollar store and purchase inexpensive plastic tubs or bowls (they usually have these in stock in a variety of colors if you want to match the theme of your event). 

Flexible White and Blue Plastic Storage Tubs with Handles, 14¼"

(Image courtesy of Dollar Tree)

If you are more creative, you can use almost anything as a container! Just line the container with a large plastic bag and roll down the edges (you may have to cut the plastic depending on the size) but we have seen people use baskets, buckets, and even crates!

7 Flavor Popcorn Buffet 

Rustic Wagon Popcorn Buffet

Snack Buffet Popcorn Dallas

In-store we do offer rental of our bushel baskets and popcorn tins.  For a rental, you purchase the container and receive a 50% discount on that price when they are returned.

Scoops, serving bags, and plastic liners are also available for purchase.

Now, choose your flavors, invite your friends or teammates and enjoy some delicious gourmet popcorn!


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