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April Root Beer Tasting

Last night we held our inaugural root beer tasting at Nikki's Popcorn Company.  We had eleven tasters and we sampled six different glass bottled root beers.  We think the event was a great success and are already planning our next tasting.

Our tasters ranged in age from 10 years old to in their 40's (myself included) and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, the root beer and the corny jokes.  Each participant got to take home a 4pk of their favorites from the tasting.

All-in-all, the favorite root beer of the evening was Hanks Root Beer with an average of 14.36/20 total points.  Close behind was Barq's Root Beer with 11.45/20 points.  What was very interesting is that the people that favored each of these different root beers, thought the other root beer was awful (if you really liked Hank's, you didn't like Barq's and vice-versa).

We used a scoring system that allowed you to record a rating from 1-5 on 4 categories; Aroma, Flavor, Fizziness & Finish.

The average scores for all sodas are listed below.

Hank's Root Beer - 14.36

Barq's Root Beer - 11.45

Saranac Root Beer - 11

Faygo Root Beer  - 9

Sprecher Root Beer - 8

Dad's Root Beer - 7.64

Some other highlights from the tasting - 

  • Hank's is a very, very creamy sweet root beer that everyone agreed would go great over ice cream for the perfect root beer float.
  • Dad's Root Beer has a very noticeable wintergreen finish.  This was not a fan favorite, however, it was more noticeable after tasting the other root beers that were on the sweet site.

We are working on scheduling our next root beer tasting now and hope in the future to add tastings on some of the other soda types soon!

Until then, enjoy the root beer!




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