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Popcorn Seeds

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Love our delicious fluffy mushroom popcorn kernels but wish you could make it at home in your own special way?  No problem!  You can purchase bulk popcorn seeds from us directly.

Mushroom popcorn pops up into a very rounded shape, perfect for coating with caramel or candy because of its larger surface area. Popcporn growers determined that mushroom popcorn must have at least 35% of the kernels pop into the ball shape in order for the popcorn to be called "mushroom".  Our kernels tend to pop into this shape between 45-65% of the time.  

Popping temperature also plays a factor in how much of the popped kernels pop up into that round shape.  Our commercial equipment is calibrated at very specific temperatures to acheive the best results. Therefore, you may need to experiment a few times before you can get the best results when popping this popcorn.

In order to pop up so big and round, the hulls are sturdier than the smaller butterfly popcorn kernels.  You will notice that there are more hulls in your popcorn as a result.

Our mushroom popcorn is naturally grown and non-GMO.

 Popcorn Seeds


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